Get your priorities straight.

Improved body composition. We're obsessed either with achieving it or maintaining it. Improving your body composition, that is gaining muscle and/or losing body fat, in general is going to result in improved health markers overall, provided you're not taking it to the extreme. So what could possibly be wrong with that? On the surface there … Continue reading Get your priorities straight.

Why wouldn’t you want to be stronger?

Last weekend, my brother and I went to the Arnold Sports Festival to have a bit of a look around. It's a very cool event, and within it were a bunch of hugely strong individuals participating in powerlifting, strongman and calisthenic events. All were expressing their strength in different ways, but all were undeniably strong. … Continue reading Why wouldn’t you want to be stronger?

Why add speed or load to poor movement?

It happens all the time in gyms the world over (I assume). You'll look across to see someone squatting with form that's let's say, less than optimal. An injury waiting to happen sort of situation. They'll finish up that set, somehow without collapsing in a screaming heap, and then proceed to load more weight onto … Continue reading Why add speed or load to poor movement?

Who’s to blame?

The disclaimer. I have a feeling that this post may come across almost negative in it's angle, but I hope by putting this little disclaimer right here in that you're able to see that I intend for it to be positive. Also, it's worth mentioning that for some people, shit really does happen in a … Continue reading Who’s to blame?

Food relationship status: It’s complicated.

I fasted for thirty hours last week. It's the longest I've gone so far and although I didn't break any records, I was pretty happy with my effort. I've started playing around with fasting for the range of health benefits it provides, as well as for a bit a challenge to my will power. What … Continue reading Food relationship status: It’s complicated.