Training Unfiltered 6

Alright let's do this! Last week was a bit of a dud one for my training, which stemmed from one slight error I made on the Tuesday.  I was doing front squats that day and the whole session was wrong from the start.  I was squatting in shoes (squishy running shoes to be specific) where … Continue reading Training Unfiltered 6

Training Unfiltered 5

Alright, well I skipped the blog last week, the reason being that I genuinely couldn't write anything interesting, and the reason for that was that I didn't really do anything that interesting in the previous week. But I'm back into it! The little squat challenge I've set myself has been progressing along nicely, and I've … Continue reading Training Unfiltered 5

Training Unfiltered 4

Well I managed to do a headstand this week which was pretty awesome, and completely unplanned.  It's really fun just mucking around to see what you can do, and although most of the day was spent crashing into the ground, I went from nearly getting into a headstand on Sunday morning, to managing to hold … Continue reading Training Unfiltered 4

Training Unfiltered – 3

I'm definitely going to have to start taking notes throughout the week for these things, as I'm struggling to remember what happened on which day.  It's not that there's a heap happening, it's just that my memory is rubbish. I picked up a couple of kettlebells for home this week, not to replace my gym … Continue reading Training Unfiltered – 3

Training Unfiltered – Post 2

Ok, here we go! This past week was a definite improvement on the one before it. My strength training went pretty well, and I've noticed some real improvement on my squat technique, just due to the fact that I've been doing it consistently.  This current program has low bar back squats in it, and I … Continue reading Training Unfiltered – Post 2

Training Unfiltered – Post 1

Alright, here it is.  Post 1 of the 'All the things training related that happened to a personal trainer in the last week, including the stuff that didn't go as well as it could've'.  I'll work on a name for it!   I'm going to dive straight into the worst part of my week, which … Continue reading Training Unfiltered – Post 1