Motivation again.

I think about motivation a lot because it’s something that I struggle with often personally. And I know I’m not the only one. Why are we sometimes motivated and other times we aren’t? How come there’s occasions where nothing can get in our way, and others when the smallest of hurdles will derail us? At … Continue reading Motivation again.

Tracking to keep on track.

Do you keep track of your training progress? I know what you're thinking and no, keeping track in your head doesn't count. I've only recently started tracking my training progress very diligently, and it's made such a big difference to the quality and intensity of my training sessions already. The main reason I didn't track … Continue reading Tracking to keep on track.

Moving in the right direction.

Excuses, excuses. It’s been a while since I’ve knocked out one of these personal life update posts. Doing them weekly I was finding that I was repeating myself a bit, and really having to scratch the bottom of my life barrel for ideas that hadn’t come out in the post from the previous week. Because … Continue reading Moving in the right direction.

Plan to be productive.

The biggest problem with getting these posts out weekly is it makes the week fly by so quick.  I get a post published, and then suddenly it’s time to write another one. It’s so easy to have an entire week go by, without getting anything done that moves you closer to your goals. You have … Continue reading Plan to be productive.

Are you really too busy for your goals?

I almost didn’t write this today. I’ve been moving into a new house in the past few days, and this morning I had a bit of stuff to do, just getting things sorted out. And all throughout the day I’ve been had an all too familiar self-talk running through my head about how if I … Continue reading Are you really too busy for your goals?