Why do we feel like we’ve earned a break from the things we do to better our health?

I was away for a motorsport event this past week, and my immediate urge was to avoid training while there because it was a holiday and I’d earned a break.

I would’ve avoided it too, had my brother not been far more motivated than I was, and dragged me to the gym.

Once I was at the gym though I enjoyed my session like I usually do, and felt better for having done it.

I think one of the reasons we feel like we deserve a break from doing what’s good for us has something to do with the fact that we make out like the things we do to keep healthy are chores.

We do our chores for a bit because we have to, and then we reward ourselves with a break or some junk food because we’ve earned it.

I’m not saying you should avoid breaks or junk food, but the reasoning for having either should probably be because you want or need them, not because you’ve earned them.

Earning those things implies that the healthy habits we should be implementing most of the time are chores, i.e. bad.

So while I was away I did eat more poorly than I normally would not because I’d earned it but because I wanted to. I also know that after a few days away from my regular routine I’m always keen to get back into it as soon as possible, so for me it works well as a way to reset my motivation.

And if I hadn’t trained at all while I was away, then that would’ve been fine if I felt I needed or wanted a break, although in this case I was definitely glad to get a few sessions in.

As always, if you’ve made it to the end thank you so much for reading.

I’ll catch you next time.

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