I fasted for thirty hours last week.

It’s the longest I’ve gone so far and although I didn’t break any records, I was pretty happy with my effort.

I’ve started playing around with fasting for the range of health benefits it provides, as well as for a bit a challenge to my will power.

What I found quite interesting during the fast was what it taught me about my relationship with food.


Eating for the sake of eating.

I try to eat quite healthy most of the time, with the occasional junk meal thrown in here and there throughout the week.

I do also like to snack though.

Whenever I’m snacking a lot I generally put it down to not getting enough energy intake in from my main meals, causing me to feel hungry and reach for the nearest nibbles.

During the fast I realised that I more enjoy the act of snacking, as opposed to doing it out of hunger.

This was a bit of a surprise to me as I’d like to think I have a pretty healthy relationship with food.

When I woke up on Friday morning around twenty hours into the fast I wasn’t starving and I was feeling pretty energetic.

About two hours after that I wanted a coffee, which I couldn’t do as the fast is water only.

I don’t need a caffeine hit in the morning, but I do enjoy having a coffee so that was a bit of a bummer.

At twenty four hours of fasting was when I started to struggle and the dialogue running through my head was an argument about whether or not I should keep going.

I had a solid six hours to think about and process what I was feeling, and for the most part I realised I just wanted to snack for the sake of snacking.

I was pretty hungry no doubt, but my urge to eat was more strongly attached to the enjoyment of nibbling rather than my energy levels.


You need to know the weakness before you can strengthen it.

I’m not panicking about my mildly dysfunctional relationship with food, as being aware of it just puts me into a stronger position to make improvements.

Being hungry definitely won’t help the situation when you’re trying to avoid aimless snacking, but in future I’ll definitely be sitting with my snack urges for a bit longer before I decide whether I’m feeling real hunger or simply succumbing to shitty habits.


Thanks so much for reading, and if you have any thoughts about the topic I’d really like to see them in the comments below.


I’ll catch you next time.

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