Moving in the right direction.

Excuses, excuses.

It’s been a while since I’ve knocked out one of these personal life update posts.

Doing them weekly I was finding that I was repeating myself a bit, and really having to scratch the bottom of my life barrel for ideas that hadn’t come out in the post from the previous week.

Because of that, I’ve gone ahead and assumed they probably weren’t very entertaining to read.

Instead I’ve been writing little advice and opinion pieces, which I’ll continue to do going forward to break up these ones a bit, and enable myself to put out higher quality, more creative and hopefully actual helpful content.

I’m also going to stop titling them as ‘Movement Unfiltered’ because that was looking a bit tacky to me.  Instead they’ll just be categorised depending on the type of post it is.


On the right track.

Alright, moving on.

Over the past month or so, I’ve made some really great process with my body composition goals.

I knew that I was looking leaner and a bit flatter through the stomach, and assumed I’d probably got a bit lighter in the process, but when I jumped on the scales I’d actually put on around 1 – 1.5kg (2 – 3.5lbs) since I got back from my trip at the end of February.

That’s a result I’m really happy with.

IMG_7950In terms of training, the only real changes from what I was doing previously are a big improvement in consistency, which has come from a finding a level of accountability to myself that I haven’t been able to reach before, plus a definite increase in the intensity of each training session.

I’ve also been trying to get to Jiu-Jitsu once per week, which I’ve been managing to do for the most part.  The times I haven’t made it were due to not wanting to spread my cold germs around one week, or when I’d tweaked my knee the previous week, and decided to live to fight another day, so to speak.


Adjusting for your weaknesses.

My diet is where the biggest improvements have taken place.

I’ve been eating a lot less carbs (I’m not anti-carb, but I was eating too many), as well as less calories overall just by not having any easy treats sitting around the house.  If there’s biscuits, crumpets, etc. sitting around then I have little to no will power when it comes resisting the urge to throw them down my cake hole.

If you know your weaknesses, then it can take just a few small adjustments to overcome them.

When I don’t have those treat type foods (which I still eat occasionally because they’re delicious) in the pantry, then I don’t even feel like I’m missing out on them to be honest.

Problem solved.


Anywho, I’m racing up to five-hundred words, so I’ll wrap this one up here.

I’d like to hear about how you’re making progress towards your own goals, so feel free to tell me in the comments.


Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you next time.

One thought on “Moving in the right direction.

  1. I have dieted all my life and not exercised until fairly recently so at 52 there’s a few bad habits to break and good habits to form. I’ve obsessed about the scales, always! I’ve decided to concentrate on treating my body well instead by eating as clean as I can and keeping fit, something I’ve just discovered I love! I will be doing an all over body scan when it comes to our gym in November. Not (as in the past) to see how much weight I’ve lost so much, more to see if my body composition has changed and my muscle has improved. It feels so nice to be in the healthiest position I’ve ever been in and concentrating on fueling my body for work instead of dieting all the time


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