Plan to be productive.

The biggest problem with getting these posts out weekly is it makes the week fly by so quick.  I get a post published, and then suddenly it’s time to write another one.

It’s so easy to have an entire week go by, without getting anything done that moves you closer to your goals.

You have few lazy days, another few where you’re busy and then a whole week is gone just like that.


The list.

To be as productive as possible, I find it best to have a plan in place for the week, and a ‘to do list’ is super effective in my case.

I generally have a pretty good idea of what I need to get done for the week, and from there I break it up into a list for each day.

For me, the advantages of making a list of stuff to do are:


– Staying accountable.

– Keeping me honest.

– Not relying on my horrendous memory.


If I have written a to do list for the day, I’ll generally get through it, even if for no other reason than I quite enjoy ticking stuff off lists.  In fact, sometimes I write stuff on there that I’ve already done, just so I can tick it off (seriously).

In terms of keeping me honest, if I don’t write down what I have to get done I’ll tend to do stuff all for a day or week but tell myself that I’ve done a lot.

And finally, my memory.  It’s not the worst memory going around, but it’s not amazing either.  I’m much less likely to forget something when it’s staring back at me on a whiteboard.

If I forget to write it on the board in the first place that’s a whole different problem.


So, should I make my entire life into a list?

Well I don’t, but you can if you really want to I suppose.

What I put onto my list are the things that I know I’m liable to forget or put off, things like this blog or social media posts.  I also put how much reading or podcasting I want to get through for the day, plus any programming or planning that needs to be done for work the following day.

I don’t put down my own training sessions or eating because I’m unlikely to forget either of those things, especially eating.

Anywho, this is just what I do to make sure I’m productive but if you have a different method that works for you then definitely use it.


As always, thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next time.

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