Training Unfiltered 8

Alright, well I skipped last weeks post due to a complete lack of anything worth writing about happening.  Although I’ve had a similarly uninteresting week this time around, I’m going to write anyway, because if I skip another one then I probably won’t get around to putting my next post up until sometime in 2021.

I’ll just start typing, and hopefully my brain puts together something worth reading.

Fingers crossed.

The first week of this past fortnight I did really well from a body composition stand point, and definitely got a bit leaner, even though I’d started to add some Christmas food into the diet.  All I did was make sure that my meals were super clean and contained no carbs, knowing that I would for sure get more than enough carbs in from the festive stuff I was eating.

After getting to the end of that first week and seeing that I’d actually improved my body composition, I got just a tad cocky and went slightly overboard with the junk.  This of course was a mistake, so now I’ve started this week back where I was a fortnight ago.

All good though, I’ll just take the diet back to what worked.

When it comes to this time of year with your nutrition, it is hard because you want to enjoy yourself, but ‘junk’ food gets demonised to the point where you can potentially end up feeling guilty for eating a lone mince pie.  As long as your diet is sorted for the most part, then treating yourself a little bit for the Christmas period isn’t going to send you off the rails.

Will it slow your progress?

Sure probably a little bit, but as long as you don’t get ridiculous about it, and try to sustain yourself on only eggnog and gingerbread houses for the entire month, then you’ll be fine.

I hit the athletics track to do some sprints last week, and I’ve got to say that it felt absolutely rubbish.  Whenever I head to the track (which isn’t very often), I always imagine beforehand that I’m going to glide down the track like a champ and it’s going to feel amazing, but my performance unfortunately didn’t live up to my self imposed expectations.


I went down there planning to do ten 100m sprints, but I cut it short after the eighth sprint, as on that particular one my tibia felt like it was going to split into two pieces.  That was unsurprising given the quality of my sprinting action.

Weight training for the fortnight was pretty good.  I moved away from the barbell squats for this next phase, as my back had had enough for the moment, and I’ve replaced them with rear leg elevated split squats.  I’m doing wide grip (not quite snatch grip) rack deadlifts as well, which is giving my hamstring range of motion a fair workout.

I’ve been playing around with one arm bent over rows, and I’m finding that they’re quite good when trying to work on getting the scapular moving nicely (something my left one doesn’t do), because over extending the low back is pretty hard from that position, so that’s an area of compensation that doesn’t need to be worried about.  I’ve been trying different tempos on rows as well, doing less reps, but getting the time under tension up by doing longer pauses.  I’m pretty interested to see how that affects my scapular positioning.

Well that’s it for this one, and if you made it to this point then you’re a trooper.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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