Training Unfiltered 6

Alright let’s do this!

Last week was a bit of a dud one for my training, which stemmed from one slight error I made on the Tuesday.  I was doing front squats that day and the whole session was wrong from the start.  I was squatting in shoes (squishy running shoes to be specific) where I normally squat barefoot, which felt rubbish, and my body in general just felt like it was moving badly.

Now what I should’ve done, and usually would’ve done, was have an easier day and focus on working on the areas that felt a bit restricted.  Instead I decided to chuck some weight on the bar, and the end result was that I tweaked my low back a little bit, which meant the rest of my week was quite slow on the training front.

There’s a few good takeaways from that situation though.

Auto-regulating your training is always a good thing.  That doesn’t mean changing exercises just because you don’t feel like doing them on the day.  The way auto-regulation can be used in your training, is to make adjustments based on where you’re sitting in terms of recovery, stress, mobility, etc.

If your program calls for a lot of training volume, but you’re having a rough week and feeling burnt out, then adjustments can be made to your training so that you don’t exceed your body’s capacity to recover for example.

Another example would be my case, where I could tell right from the start that loading up the bar wasn’t going to be a great idea.  I should’ve had a lighter training day and just focused on getting myself moving right.

Auto-regulation can go the other way as well, for example if you’re feeling awesome and well recovered, then you might push harder in your session than initially planned.

Auto-regulation leads into the other takeaway, which is that having a single training session where you don’t move forward in the way that you want (adding weight to the bar for example), isn’t going to derail your progress, and actually gives you a chance to move forward in a different area of your training if you use the session wisely (it’s a great opportunity to work on weaknesses, like mobility).

Everyone reading this hopefully has many, many training sessions ahead of them, and while progress is awesome, and something we definitely need to be striving for, it’s not worth pushing too far when your body is telling you not to, at the expense of tomorrows session.

In my case, the cost of that one bad training session, meant that I missed another two or three potential squatting sessions later in the week, which is obviously a way bigger bummer than if I’d just had one lighter session on Tuesday.

Mobility work for the week was pretty good, and I feel like I’m doing a much better job of weaving it in throughout the day.  Just picking a couple of things to work on and having a crack at them when I’ve got five to ten minutes spare seems to work well, although I did still have days when I forgot to do any at all.

Nutrition was pretty good for most of the week, with the exception being Friday and Saturday, as I was away and so treated myself a little bit.  Most other days I got plenty of vegetables in, and I’ve started getting more protein in as well.  I’m still eating too many crappy snacks throughout the week, but since I’ve increased my meal sizes, I haven’t been getting as hungry, so avoiding snacking has been getting much easier.


Anywho, I better wrap this one up, as it’s blown out a bit.

Thanks for reading, and as always if you have any questions or feedback, I’d love it if you left them in the comments below.

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