Training Unfiltered 5

Alright, well I skipped the blog last week, the reason being that I genuinely couldn’t write anything interesting, and the reason for that was that I didn’t really do anything that interesting in the previous week.

But I’m back into it!

The little squat challenge I’ve set myself has been progressing along nicely, and I’ve done a squat session on nine of the last seventeen days.  The first few sessions were the toughest, and I started to feel pretty sore early on, but as I got deeper into it I was feeling awesome.  I did three days of squatting in a row last week, alternating between back and front squats session to session, and I’m feeling like they’re getting much smoother, just because I’m practicing them so much.


The real test is going to be to see how doing this much frequency is affected once the loads get closer to my max (or previous max if this works the way I hope it will).

I started this experiment out at a very low weight, with a couple of aims in mind.

The first stemmed from a strength test at work a few weeks ago.  When I was required to get some legitimate depth on my squat, I got buried by a weight that I wasn’t too happy with.  If I had to put a number on it, it was 85kg, and I felt every one of those kilograms when I got to the bottom of the squat.  I’ve always been able to get a fair amount of good depth in an unloaded squat, but now I want to get some real strength through my whole range of motion.  That means backing the load off a bit, and spending some time at the depth I need, then loading up progressively session to session without losing any range.

The second aim was to add some weight to the squats every session for as long as possible, and that would’ve been reasonably difficult if I’d maxed out on day one!

This coming week, the plan is to add in some single leg hip hinge movements and keep up with the squatting frequency.

The nutrition has been up and down.  Mainly down if I’m honest.

I’ve been eating some really good, clean meals with a heap of vegetables and a bit more protein than I’d been having previously, but then I’ll eat some junk meals and snacks over the weekend (and during the week occasionally) that undoes a lot of that good work.

I’m all for enjoying some food on the unhealthy end of the spectrum, but the reality was that in the previous two weeks, that I definitely hadn’t earned the junk that I ate on the weekends, and I felt worse for eating it.

Before writing up this blog today, I’ve been to the shops and bought all my vegetables for the week, including plenty of greens, so I’m ready to go!

Anywho, I’m going to wrap this one up before it gets too long.

Thanks heaps for reading, and have a great week of movement!

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