Training Unfiltered 4


Well I managed to do a headstand this week which was pretty awesome, and completely unplanned.  It’s really fun just mucking around to see what you can do, and although most of the day was spent crashing into the ground, I went from nearly getting into a headstand on Sunday morning, to managing to hold myself up for a decent amount of time later that afternoon.

Hardly a barbell was lifted for the whole week, because I’d just finished 4 weeks of only really squatting, benching and deadlifting, so I felt like steering clear of any ‘standard’ gym work.  Instead, I just did bits and pieces of training throughout the week with kettlebells at home, although I did do a few sets of squats with the barbell on Saturday during a break at work.

I also smashed my vegetable goal, getting 14 big serves in for the week, and feeling great for my efforts.  Of all the changes you can make to your diet, eating a heap more vegetables has surprised me, in the difference it’s made to how I’ve been feeling after meals, and in general.  Next step is to keep the vegetable train rolling, and start getting the protein side of things sorted out.

What I’d like to work on in the next few months is getting a little bit leaner, and getting my nutrition spot on about 80 percent of the time is the aim to make that happen.  That means 17 out of 21 meals need to be good quality and clean, which doesn’t sound too bad at all.

I have no interest in being absolutely shredded, however it would be nice to drop a little bit of body fat.  I’m not overweight by any means, but I’m definitely carrying a little bit more body fat than I’d like.  Put it this way, I’m definitely more comfortable at the moment with my shirt on than my shirt off.  I’ll try to figure out a good way to track progress as well, but I’m thinking progress photos possibly.

On an unrelated note, is anyone out there good with photoshop?

Just kidding obviously!

Aims for this week are to squat a butt load, as I’ve entered a friendly leg growing competition with my sister which I’d quite like to win.  I’m going to get back into some regular gym programming again as well, and I’m feeling ready to dive in after the week off.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading!

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