Training Unfiltered – 3

I’m definitely going to have to start taking notes throughout the week for these things, as I’m struggling to remember what happened on which day.  It’s not that there’s a heap happening, it’s just that my memory is rubbish.

I picked up a couple of kettlebells for home this week, not to replace my gym training, but to do some offset/balance/mobility work in the mornings, to get me moving and to add some more training volume into the day.  Training outdoors is pretty nice too, and now that we’re coming into summer it’s only going to get nicer.

My gym program called for a deload week, but I didn’t really feel like I’d been doing enough volume in the previous few weeks to warrant one, so I stuck with basically the same volume as the previous week.  During and after my deadlift session on Thursday I felt really flat, but it definitely wasn’t overtraining, and was most likely not enough carbs in my diet.  I’ve upped them just a bit around training sessions to see how that goes.

I don’t attempt to eat a low to no carb diet overall, but what I tend to do when I’m prepping meals, is limit anything that I know I’ll end up eating outside of my prepped meals.  That includes carbohydrates, dairy and gluten.  I don’t dislike or have bad reactions to any of those things, I just know that I’ll definitely end up having them if I go out for a meal during the week, so to keep intake of them lower across the week, they’re limited for the meals I prepare.

The above is not the perfect approach to nutrition either, but it’s something that works for me at the moment, although I am going to have to make a few changes soon.

The vegetable intake was decent, but no where near as good as the previous week.  The weekend had a birthday (not mine) and I caught up with mates for burgers which meant that I ate meals out a lot more than I should’ve, but after throwing all that yum food down over the weekend, I can’t wait to get some cleaner (but still yummy) meals in this week.

The cardio?

Well I tried to justify to myself that the kettlebell circuits I did were cardio, and technically they were, but not the kind of high intensity work I actually meant when I said I’d do cardio.

And the mobility work was there, but I just need to make it a habit and get consistent with it.  Too many days I’d think of doing it but just put it off all day long and grudgingly do it when I finally had to.  I have enough gaps during the day and between clients where I could easily do ten minutes worth of some sort of mobility work.

I’d aimed to close up my feeding window a little bit for at least a few days, and I’m pretty sure I got it down below 10 hours at least a couple of times, but I kept forgetting to remember when I’d first eaten.  I’ll do a better job of keeping track of it this next week.

As always, thanks a bunch for reading, and if you’d like to follow along day to day, you can follow me on instagram @bennetttim, where I’ll try to post both the exciting and the not exciting fairly regularly.


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