Training Unfiltered – Post 2

Ok, here we go!

This past week was a definite improvement on the one before it.

My strength training went pretty well, and I’ve noticed some real improvement on my squat technique, just due to the fact that I’ve been doing it consistently.  This current program has low bar back squats in it, and I found it really uncomfortable movement in the first week of training, however in week three (this last week) it’s starting to feel a bit more natural.

My current program, is one I purchased from another coach online, as I had been finding that although I could write myself up a solid program, I just couldn’t keep myself accountable, and I would inevitably start making adjustments as I went.  These weren’t warranted adjustments, like if there was some sort of problem with a movement, but more the kind where I would change out a movement that I should be doing, but couldn’t be stuffed with on the day, and would justify it to myself that it was fine because I was the coach.

I’ve had no such problems with this current program, so mission accomplished!

The great thing about this program for me, is that it’s written by a coach who works with powerlifters, which isn’t something I’ve had any experience with, and so I’m getting exposed to a different style of programming.

I didn’t hit my goals of mobility everyday and conditioning twice in the week (dedicated sessions), but I did do some mobility most days and one dedicated conditioning session, which is much better than the previous week where I did approximately none of either.

The nutrition side of things went way better this week, and I got eleven gigantic serves of vegetables in, which was down from the aim of thirteen, but still better than I’ve done in a while.  I feel way better when I’m eating a lot of vegetables, and if they’re prepared with a little bit of imagination, and a wide variety is included, they can be super enjoyable as well.

That’s really about it for this week.  It wasn’t hugely exciting, but it definitely felt like a move in the right direction.

Now, here’s the goals for next week:

  • I’ll be getting those 13 serves of vegetables in this time round.
  • I’m going to aim to have 3 days this week where my feeding window is less than 10 hours (time between first and last energy intake for the day).
  • I will do mobility every day
  • I will spend 2 hours working on my business (not in it).


If you want to follow along with my day to day happenings, you can find me on the instagrams @bennetttim.

Thanks heaps for reading, and I hope you have a great week!

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