Hey there!

I assumed I’d figure out a more creative way to open before the time came to publish this, but apparently that’s the best I could manage, so apologies.

For this first post I thought it’d be best to go over a brief overview of what I’d like to achieve with this blog.

The overall theme of these posts will be the why and how of improving the way you perform physically, and posts will cover things like strength, mobility, endurance, power, stability, balance and coordination.  These are all things that are important to helping you move as well as possible.  I’ll touch on areas like body composition, and nutrition as well (I’m not a nutritionist just for the record).  I hope the posts will be helpful for people just thinking about starting their training, through to those who are more advanced.

These will be opinion pieces, so I really want to encourage questions and debate around the posts.  If you have any queries, or a differing point of view, then absolutely feel free to add your thoughts.

I’m aiming to get a post out once a fortnight to begin with, because if I’m being honest, if I try to do it any more regularly I’ll probably (definitely) drop the ball very quickly.  I’m going to try and keep the posts around 500 words, and allow up to 750 words if it’s absolutely needed.  If you feel that they’re too short or long, then please let me know.

I want this to be really useful stuff for you, whether you’ve never trained before in your life or you’re an experienced trainer,  but obviously not every single post you read is going to be of immediate use to you.  Ideally the majority will have at least some useful takeaways, and I hope the ones that don’t will still be interesting and entertaining reads.

To make sure that you do want to read these posts, I’d love to get feedback, both positive and negative (not mean preferably), so that I can adjust them into something that you enjoy reading.  I’m completely new to this stuff, so I’m going to learn as I go, and any feedback will help.

It’d also be great if you could let me know if there’s any topics you’d like me to write about, as I imagine I’ll run out of ideas at some point.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming reads!

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